Bądź kobietą, którą chciałabyś spotkać

#ProjektPSK – I edition

Be the woman whom you’d like to meet is the headline reflecting the idea of Poland’s first female project involving the business and personal metamorphosis of the project’s finalists. Its author is Dr. Paulina Smaszcz — mentor, business coach, motivational lecturer, communications and public relations manager.

Among hundreds of applications, two candidates in different age cohorts and at different stages of business career development were selected. Patrycja Wolak (44 y.o.) After closing a business that had been running for 20 years; She faced a completely new challenge.

On the other hand, Małgorzata Sochacka (34 y.o.) is developing her own company while at the same time being a working mother of two.

Both, ready to change and work hard on themselves, arrived at dawn on the 13th of May at the Vienna House Mokotow hotel in Warsaw.

Over the four insanely intense days of the project, the ladies spent more than 50 hours under the guidance of fifteen top mentors, experts and specialists, who were invited by Paulina and came from all over Poland.

A team of more than 20 people worked on the project every day (14 hours each).

The transformation started with personal branding in terms of business competence, cognitive competence, business negotiation, crisis communication, a plan for professional and private life.

Mentors focused on raising awareness of strengths and weaknesses, defining fears and limitations of both ladies. Together, they designed a plan which aimed to develop self-awareness, well-being and self-confidence in the participants.

Reports from the 1st edition of “Bądź kobietą, którą chciałbyś spotkać”

The finalists were also introduced to business inspirations shared by the founder of a start-up and owner of a mature, successful business.

The last step was to change the women’s image to a business one with an emphasis on their personality and individuality. A team of make-up artists and stylists worked on a spectacular transformation. The finalists were provided with tools and an evaluation of their achievements will take place during the next edition of the project.

After four days of intensive activities, it was time for surprises and a group evening for the whole team. Special guests of the evening were Kamil Nożyński — actor known from the TV series “Ślepnąc od Świateł”, Łukasz Jemioł — Polish designer and Michał Baryza — model, finalist of the TOP MODEL program.

The entire transformation of the participants and the behind-the-scenes of the project were available on the social media channels of Dr. Paulina Smaszcz and the partners throughout the project. Some of the most respected brands such as Croma Pharma Polska, L’Oreal, Kerastase, Silcare, Cisowianka Perlage, Lexus Warszawa-Wola and Celebrity were involved in making the dreams of #ProjectPSK participants come true.

The project was also supported by Revitadiet, Przełom w Odżywianiu, Natura Cold Press, PÜR Cosmetics Polska and Galaktyka Publishing. The legal aspects of the project were supervised by the law firm WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, and Baehr.

Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska bądź kobietą, którą chciałabyś spotkać zdjęcie 1 z Instagrama

Paulina Smaszcz will remain in contact with the project participants until the evaluation of their activities and acquired competencies, which is going to take place in October 2019.

Fans of the project in a few months’ time will be able to see if and how the participants continue to use the knowledge and skills they acquired, once they return to their professional and private environments.

“Did participating in the project change my life? Time will tell. It certainly changed my attitude toward many things. A number of meetings with specialists had a positive impact on my self-esteem. I reminded myself, that I am not only a mum but also a woman. Strong, independent and confident in my abilities. During the whole project, I received a huge dose of knowledge, energy and tips that I can use both in my professional and private life,” – Gosia, the second participant, sums up the project optimistically.

The project shows that femininity is a strength, in professional and private life, that needs to be developed and cultivated. Recruitment for the next edition of #ProjectPSK is starting in autumn 2019.

“I made my dream come true by fulfilling the dreams of the women I meet at lectures and workshops. I know what women need, I know what they want. If only someone had given me the tools that I pass on to the finalists during the project, I would have been more aware of my capabilities and free of inner fears. I am a woman and I will act for women! Gentlemen, open your arms to support us, and then our wings will grow. If you don’t support us, then we will pluck out feathers in sadness and regret. Being together and partnership are synonymous with being a happy person. Many thanks to the finalists and my incredible team. We are creating something SPECIAL!!!” – dr Paulina Smaszcz

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