Mentoring – sponsorship

Do you want conscious development through education?
Do you want to gain new knowledge and competencies?
Are you committed to improving your skills and abilities?
Not sure how to plan your future career?
Do you want to manage stress before public speaking?
Are you looking for new intellectual, spiritual or design challenges?
Do you need a change in your professional or personal life, but don’t know which direction to go?
Do you feel lost, helpless or confused?

I invite you to individual mentoring sessions.

Mentoring takes place FACE TO FACE or online via Skype, WhatsApp or another online communicator.
Total price: 1500 PLN net / 1h

I’ll tell you how:
  • consciously shape a professional career
  • develop competencies and capabilities
  • skillfully make decisions and communicate them to colleagues
  • create an effective business plan
  • negotiate without stereotypes
  • act effectively in a crisis situation
  • use PR tools and sales tools
  • master the art of public speaking and self-presentation
  • develop assertiveness on the basis of emotional intelligence
  • correctly formulate statements and emails
  • develop skills and work on weaknesses
  • consciously combine private and professional life (work-life balance and work-life blending).
The session includes:
  • interdisciplinary knowledge stock,
  • individual exercises and tasks,
  • unconventional solutions,
  • list of recommended books and publications,
  • constant contact with me after the mentoring session in order to consult and monitor progress and stages of action.
Thanks to the mentoring:
  • you will gain self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • you will establish your own vision, mission, activity and action plan
  • you will see your life goals more clearly and consciously
  • plan your professional career
  • you will develop business competencies (advertising and sales; cognitive and communication)
  • you will gain techniques and tools to achieve assertiveness in communication
  • you will achieve your personal and professional aspirations more easily
  • you will meet Mentees with whom you will exchange your experiences and business contacts
  • you will see new opportunities for action and self-realization
  • I will keep in touch with you to discuss your actions and progress.

I combine mentoring with sponsorship. What does that mean? Apart from sharing my knowledge and experience, as a mentor-sponsor, I act for the career development of my mentees (promotion, taking a more responsible role in the team, taking up a new project, changing jobs or professions). I’m looking for opportunities to unlock their potential. I promote mentees to my own network of contacts. I also create projects in which I involve them.

What do the Mentees say about mentoring with me?

It is extremely valuable that Paulina is an attentive person to her mentee, open to his/her expectations and needs. Mentee feels that Paulina as a mentor cares about his/her development. She supports Mentee in the change and willingly shares her experience. Each mentoring session with Paulina puts the wind in my sails — It motivates me to aim higher and reach for more!
As a mentor, Paulina is both a partner and an inspiration. She has a wealth of (not only professional but also personal) experience. She not only can boast about her successes and suggest how to achieve them but also knows the taste of failure. She knows how to take what is good out of it to develop us.
Paulina captured my planning problem perfectly! She pointed out how to effectively plan goals using timelines. She advised me to be clear about what I’m aiming for; by what date I’ll achieve it; and when I’ll check the results.

You are invited! Schedule an individual mentoring session.

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or call: +48 505 115 530.