Business Negotiations — How to avoid manipulation and stereotyping in professional interactions?

Training description

Negotiations can pertain to sales, crisis situations, personal promotion, salary raises, as well as expectations towards employer or employee. We also know that the art of negotiation is useful in private life.

  • The knowledge presented during the training is designed to show the differences in negotiation styles.
  • Women are focused on building relationships, while men are focused on winning and assertiveness.
  • Learning each of these styles is useful depending on the situation, especially during difficult business negotiations.

Training plan

  • Negotiation styles
  • Language traps
  • Fight the stereotypes
  • Practice assertiveness
  • Misconceptions about gender behavior
  • An alternative in case of failure
  • How to negotiate in order to cooperate later?
  • Gender work balance
  • Emotions are needed
  • The win-win principle

The originator and author of the program is me — Paulina Smaszcz, communications and public relations manager, trainer and business consultant, with over 25 years of professional experience.

My work is recognized by the profession which granted me the “Złoty Spinacz” award.

The development of technology, the multiplicity and variety of modern communication channels and the possibility of constant contact between the customer and the brand led to the fact that nowadays both large corporations, medium, small or micro companies, need 360° PR Managers. They are specialists who have knowledge and skills in public relations and communications activities, in line with modern trends and developments in the field.

Through the training, participants:

  • will know how to recognize the person they are negotiating with and how to prepare for talks;
  • will learn how to take control in a conversation and not be satisfied with the first agreement of the parties;
  • will learn what mistakes not to make during negotiations;
  • will know how not to fall into the traps of manipulation;
  • will learn how to use your strengths and weaknesses in negotiations;
  • will know how to overcome existing stereotypes of behavior: the woman negotiator and the man negotiator.

Training methods

  • Exercises that influence the formation of desirable attitudes and behaviors, as well as increase self-awareness.
  • Working in project groups
  • Work through examples of communication interference and misunderstanding of the message.
  • Multimedia presentation; topics discussed are based on real-life examples from work and private life.
  • Conversations to exchange experiences and solve problems regarding self-presentation and public speaking.

Addressees of the training

  • The training is addressed to people associated with the business community, employees of corporations, small and large companies, business owners, representatives of NGOs, local governments, organizations, and institutions.

Hourly schedule

Proposed: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (including a lunch break and two coffee breaks). The training schedule can be customized according to the client’s expectations and needs.

Reservation of training locations and dates can be made using the contact form.