360° PR Manager Academy

Training description

360° PR Manager Academy is an educational project carried out at the Public Relations Academy of Dr. Paulina Smaszcz.

Created for those who are professionally engaged in building company image; building brand and product recognition through strategic PR activities and external and internal communication in companies, firms, corporations, enterprises, businesses, organizations, NGOs and institutions.

It consists of three levels:


Each level is composed of a series of training courses conducted in a lecture and workshop format. After completing the level, participants receive a certificate, confirming the specialized knowledge they acquired in the field of public relations and communications.

Who is the 360° PR MANAGER ACADEMY for?

  • PR specialists
  • The press spokesman
  • Public affairs specialists
  • Advocacy specialists
  • CSR specialists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Social media managers
  • HR Department Employees
  • People working in small, medium and large companies and corporations
  • People engaged in business and agricultural activities
  • Employees of foundations, NGOs, offices and institutions.

Thanks to the 360° PR MANAGER ACADEMY You will:

  • expand your knowledge of creating engaging PR campaigns using offline and online tools
  • learn about proven and effective ways to manage crisis situations
  • learn about modern tools for effective internal communication in the company
  • improve your skills in editing interesting press releases and other texts
  • practice public speaking under the guidance of an experienced journalist, lecturer, trainer
  • update your legal knowledge of communication activities
  • learn how to take care of your own personal branding
  • consult with the Academy’s experts about your current PR activities and learn what are their strengths and what should be modified in the future
  • strengthen your confidence in your professional competence
  • receive certificates confirming the skills you acquired
  • become a professional advisor and partner for the management staff in your organization.

The originator and author of the program is me — Paulina Smaszcz, communication and public relations manager, trainer and business consultant, with over 25 years of professional experience. My work is recognized by the profession which granted me the “Złoty Spinacz” award.

The development of technology, the multiplicity and variety of modern communication channels and the possibility of constant contact between the customer and the brand led to the fact that nowadays both large corporations, medium, small or micro companies, need 360° PR Managers. They are specialists who have knowledge and skills in public relations and communications activities, in line with modern trends and developments in the field.

Rebuilding the reputation of the PUBLIC RELATIONS INDUSTRY

Dr. Paulina Smaszcz’s Public Relations Academy, including the 360° PR Manager Academy, has an important task — to rebuild the good name of PR, by:

  • training, improving professional skills;
  • open meetings with experienced specialists in order to share experiences;
  • mentoring with practitioners in the industry to learn from the best.

Meet the experts of the 360° PR Manager Academy

Among the speakers of the Academy of PR Manager 360° are PR, communication and digital media experts, lawyers,

  • Sebastian Bykowski – CEO of PRESS-SERVICE Media Monitoring
  • Piotr Zieliński – until recently the publisher of “Good Morning TVN”, currently the owner of the media consultancy agency Media Leaders
  • Magdalena Wosińska from Prowly team
  • Łukasz Dębski from the consulting company “Socjomania”.


Dr. Eng. Lidia Grzegorczyk, an expert on innovation and R&D strategy in technology; expert of the Academy – LEVEL MASTER

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LEVEL BASIC, 20.02.2020

LEVEL MASTER, 05.03.2020

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